SUGARTOWN: The Bridegrooms (81')


With a view to the elections, the mayor of the Greek city of Sugartown has promised women to his people. But where can he get them? Sugartown numbers 12,000 inhabitants, the majority of whom are bachelors. The women move away in droves to work or get married in the big city. "No marriages, no christening ceremonies, just funerals," the local priest complains. Fortunately, the borders with Eastern Europe have opened up in recent years. There, many women are longing for a new future with a foreign man. After considering Ukraine and Moldavia, the gentlemen of Sugartown decide to head for the Russian city of Klin.

A Greek businessman operating in Russia has lined it all up for them. Meanwhile, the Greek men prepare themselves at home: they buy new clothes, go to the barber, get some physical exercise and rehearse the phrase "I love you" in Russian. Nevertheless, the language barrier still gets in the way when the men and women try to get to know each other. The Russian-Orthodox priest, who had expected to make a nice little profit, also threatens to throw a monkey wrench in the works. Still, the ladies pay a return visit to Sugartown, where it doesn't take them long to understand why these men have so much trouble finding wives.

- Sugar Town - The BrideGrooms – 2006, documentary, 82min Greek State Award for Best Documentary (2006), the Big Audience Award (Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, 2006), the Award for Best First-shown Director (Cyprus International Film Festival, 2007), the Audience Award at the Bar Film Festival (Montenegro, 2007), the Silver Medal at the Asterfest Festival (FYROM, 2007), the award for Best Ethnographic Documentary at the Dialektus film festival (Hungary, 2008) and the Silver Medal at the ‘International Grand Prix for Author’s Documentary’ (URTI-Monte Carlo, 2008). Sugartown premiered at IDFA (2006), was nominated for Best European Documentary (Berlin, 2007), it was chosen from the American Film Institute for its European Film Showcase (Washington, 2007) and had a successful cinema release in Greece.  It was aired in more than 25 tv channels around the world.