based on the novel by Eugene Trivizas


A black stray cat named… Blacky, pays little attention when his

dusky fellow felines start disappearing on his island.

He has other things on his mind: his love for the beautiful white Angora cat,

Graziella and of course, how to find ways to keep his stomach full,

in a period of economic crisis…

It is during his preparation for an attack to a fish-tavern

that Blacky witnesses a brutal cat-napping by two weird men.

He tries to help, but the two men manage to escape with the cat,

leaving behind a smell of iodine and a pin – a silver horseshoe,

enclosing a four-leafed clover picked out in green enamel.

Assisted by an assortment of stray cats and some unlikely allies,

including Cheapskate the mouse and Wallace the lovesick woodpecker,

Blacky launches an investigation and uncovers a horrendous conspiracy.

Playing on superstition and prejudice, a gang of unscrupulous businessmen

is trying to put the politicians and public

into a frenzy of hatred against black cats,making them

the scapegoat for every private,public and economic woe on the island…

In what we may recognize as chilling echo of some of the darker moments

in human history,the demagoguery and propaganda succeed  and

the islanders all too willingly join the ferocious decimation  of the black cat


Luckily, our hero has a trick or two up his sleeve.

After a series of adventures, new friendships and betrayals,

Blacky manages to launch a full scale attack against his prosecutors




and convince the people of the island for the need of a stray cat…even a black